Twitch this week has announced it’s entry into the emergent copyright free music industry.

For those unfamiliar , twitch has recently been forced to remove plenty of VODs (video on Demand) , of streams who are using copyright music – much like youtube. For those in the painting / hobby streams music over the streaming action is important as sometimes the streamer just cant be talking while painting a particularly difficult piece.

To fill this void – a number of services have popped up , Epidemic Music, streambeats and pretzel rocks to name but a few.

These allow you to choose the genre, and style and stream away safe in the knowledge that their stream is safe from a musical copyright perspective.

Unlike Pretzel Rocks and Epidemic , streambeats and now Soundtrack are free.

Here’s what Twitch had to say

Soundtracks vast library of songs from fresh, independent artists are all cleared for worldwide listening during your live streams.

Music from Soundtrack is separated into its own audio channel so you can play music on stream without worrying about your archives being muted or receiving strikes against your Twitch channel (or wherever else your content may go!).

Highly Curated Music Library

From the latest electronic and dance music in our “SoundPls” playlist to chilled out lo-fi beats in our “Beats to Stream to” playlist and everything in between – the Soundtrack library has a diverse set of artists and genres to stream with. Artists include: Above & Beyond, mxmtoon, Porter Robinson, RAC, SwuM, and many more.

Playlists and stations are curated by Twitch music curation staff, as well as select streamers and industry partners to make sure whatever style of music you’re looking to add to your stream is at your fingertips – ready for you to press play. Our curation team will be expanding our content offering with new Playlists and Stations regularly.

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