Got a horde of minis to push around the table ?  You need MiniMag Tray.


Movement Trays – they sure are helpful , especially if you have 100s of clan rats to move around the table . What they aren’t, are good looking , even when you paint and spruce them up a bit . If only there was a way to make them invisible???

This is where MiniMag tray come in!

These movement trays are virtually invisible on the table top .

To quote their own marketing :


Fully magnetic trays: Made of high grade, precision cut steel the trays are fully magnetic to allow your magnetised troops a surface to really stick too.

No RIM! Finally, no rim around your troops. This allows your troops to get into base to base contact with the enemy. No more ‘counts as contact’ but correct placement of your troops in the combat phase without the need to remove your tray to do it.

Low profile. Steel means thin and strong. Profile less than 1mm means that they can easily stack on top of each if the situation calls for it.

Practically invisible when in use. We don’t really want to see the movement tray, it’s the models we want to see. Low profile, no rim and practically invisible when in use. This delivers this like no other design.

Ready to use. MiniMagTRAY are ready to use. No building, gluing or painting required to use. Just magnetised models and your ready to go. Don’t worry if you’ve never magnetised an army.


Exciting stuff eh ? Well we put them to the test , and took them to Blood and Glory and used them with my cities of sigmar army – Lots of Irondrakes to move and keep in formation !

MiniMag Trays straight out of the box

You can’t see the trays at all once the minis are in place .










Moving them around the tabletop was really easy and we saw loads of them in use at Blood and Glory .

If you are new to using magnets they even provide a handy guide to magentising your minis here.


Price wise these range in price depending on size and configuration


Price depends on configuration and base size


Magnets are also available too match up with your bases!


Whilst we can heartily recommend MiniMag Tray to anyone but don’t just take our word for it , grab a free sample and try it yourself !