Every Army is based on a foundation of lists .


Figure Case is an ios App for logging your mini collection .


It allows you to create any collecton of minis and log the progress you are making on them,  from assembly to fully painted.


It’s easy to use the app ;  you simply add a collection , then drill down into it to add figures to that collection . You then follow this by adding whether you have built or painted them.


[envira-gallery id=”759″]


One of the great features of this app , is that it motivates you to paint your collection! Watching that line on the collection turn from orange , to yellow to green is really motivating.


The app does have room for improvement in some places, its only on ios , so all you android users for now have to look on with jealousy.  If you were able to import an army list from battlescribe/Azyr/Warscroll Builder, it would make inputting lists to the app super easy.

Finally, it would be super cool to be able to output your collections , maybe with the stats !


It’s an easy reccommend from us !