Tools of War : AOS Reminders

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Reviews, Tools of War | 0 comments

AOS Reminders is a useful tool for any budding General .

Simply put it is a tool which allows you to input your army units ( or import them , but more on that later,) .

Once entered it produces a digital cheat sheet ( which is printable). This then talks you through when to use each ability , spell , artifact or command trait.

It is perfect for learning to play a new army as everything you need to do is printed out in an easy to read format , you just follow along each turn!


There is a subscription options for a few pence a month you can import your lists from other army builders , such as Azyr , Warscroll builder or Battlescribe.


Combine this with warscroll cards and you have a superb learning aid for all your new armies.